Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Synthetic Yarns and Fabrics

About Titaanium Ten Enterprise Ltd

It began 4 decades back with trading of yarns...

In 2008, Titaanium Ten Enterprise Ltd was incorporated and was listed on the stock exchange in 2015.

Today Titaanium Ten Enterprise Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of synthetic yarns and fabrics with a turnover of above 200 cr headed by our energetic CEO, Mr. Tejaas Kapadia

Prominent export destinations include Brazil, Egypt, Iran, Bangladesh.

Prominent import destinations include Indonesia, China, and Korea.

Our Journey in brief

Key Information

  • Titaanium Ten Enterprise Ltd started its operations with local buying and selling of polyester yarn and soon started exploring into the import segment and started achieving notable volumes
  • Today the company is known as the leading importer of BSY (Bi-Shrinkage Yarn).
  • Also imports a variety of value-added yarn (anti-bacterial, fire retardant and more)
  • Turnover jumped 250 Cr in 2022 from 50 Cr in 2012.
  • Currently importing more than 90 containers a month
  • Started a knitted fabric manufacturing plant in 2011 with a production capacity of more than 150 tons monthly.
  • TTEL group family has grown from 6 members to 200+ members today.

Our Mission


Launch exclusive and newest designs in the market regularly

Consistent Quality

Reach the highest fabric quality for domestic and global market consistently


Supply customised products for specific end uses

Single window availability

Achieve shortest turn-around time in production and supply for the final product


Our vision is to achieve the expansion to deliver the final finished fabrics from yarn.

We use “Innovation” & “Speed” as prime drivers, catering to the ever-changing fashion industry and creating long-term associations with transparent business offerings. We plan to complete our vertical integration chain by entering into high-quality apparel manufacturing.


The total production of fabric is table checked and segregated as per the quality norms accepted by the customers.

We are committed to providing quality yarns and fabric, to achieve total customer satisfaction, and therefore customers' satisfaction forms an integral part of our system for consistency in product quality.

  • Meticulous training provided to operation and QA staff
  • Advanced computerized pieces of equipment are used with constant upgrading to assure the best quality and standard production operations
  • Scheduled calibration for production and QA equipment and machinery
  • Full vertical manufacturing enables us to exercise control over the production process
  • Systematic online quality checking by professional technicians during the production

Research and Development

R&D at Titaanium Enterprise begins with customer feedback i.e.

  • Discuss new concepts of fabrics with buyers and our technical team.
  • Next, transfer the development from paper to production on a sampling machine.
  • Send the sample fabric for processing and dying/printing.
  • Regularly develop new designs.

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