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Hometique Furnishings

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Key Products

  • Fabrics for apparel and garments
  • Fabrics for home furnishings
  • Fabrics for carpets
  • Industrial textiles

About Hometique Furnishings

Hometique furnishings started its operations in 2019 as a forwarding step to our greige fabric production process. Initially the company was into manufacturing curtains. Qualities include satin, linen and jute. Today we also manufacture a variety of furnishing/upholstery fabrics. Qualities include suede, velvet (holland), flaco, fibro, velvo etc with a number of files and folders to be circulated pan India.

Key Features

  • From the manufacturing of greige fabric to its finished stage, most of the processes are done in-house aiding strict quality control and regular supply.
  • In-depth knowledge and strong supply of raw materials.
  • A team of young and energetic entrepreneurs and managers headed by TTEL CEO Mr Tejas Kapadia.
  • Innovation is our forte and we are proudly known for it.
  • Single window availability of the final product.
  • Customization of products for specific end uses.

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